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What does an OT do?

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Often times occupational therapists work in the background of people's everyday life. OTs quietly create ways for individuals to continue to go about their days with as much independence as possible by reducing physical, cognitive, and emotional barriers .

What does that look like? Well, the short answer is "it depends". We ask a lot of questions, and our therapy is indidividualized depending on your answers.
- It depends on who you are and what your day-to-day routine entails. Are you a parent? A student? Do you work? Do you volunteer? Do you garden? Do you cook? Do you socialize?
- It also depends on what types of impairments you have and how they impact your function - does it affect how you move? how you think? how you sleep? how you communicate? how you make decisions?
- It also depends on what your environment is - where do you live? where do you work? where do you shop?
how are these places made accessible to you?

The best way to find out if an how an OT could help you is to ASK. We can be reached anytime, and are happy to chat. Meanwhile, since it's OT month, we will also do our best to be a bit less quiet and start telling more about what we do!


Modern OT Services Continue with Ontario Stay At Home Emergency Response

Thursday, January 14, 2021

The provincial government has stated that health care services are permitted to remain open during the pending province-wide shutdown, scheduled to begin December 26, 2020.  Occupational therapists and other regulated health professionals may continue to operate, consistent with current guidelines for regulated health professionals.

Modern OT will continue to provide in-person and telehealth services, while upholding all mandated COVID-19 safety measures, processes and protocols as instructed by the Province and our local public health units.

The team at Modern OT recognizes the challenges that times of uncertainty can place on individuals who are dealing with physical, cognitive and mental health challenges.   We want to assure you that we are here to support you, we have strategies to help you stay on track with your treatment plan, and we will continue to ensure all the prescribed safety measures are in place to keep you, your families, our employees, and our community safe.

These are challenging and uncertain times, but we believe that as a company and community, we can get through this together.

Modern OT for Seniors

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

More and more we are seeing the importance of ensuring the health, wellness, and safety of seniors in our communities.  Seeing loved ones adapt to changes in this stage of life can be difficult.

OT is about looking at what a person needs to do and likes to do, and addressing barriers to achieving those goals.   This might be cooking, exercising, driving, volunteering in the community, sending emails, or accessing a family video call.  We understand that each person's priorities are different.

In our present COVID-19 environment, some families are unable to get together and might be wondering how the seniors in our lives are managing. Modern OT has expanded our case management services to develop the Community Care Coordinator role.  The Community Care Coordinator helps to ease uncertainties by providing a primary point of contact for seniors and their family members to manage treatment services, programs and care options.   In consultation with the senior and their family, this can include initial guidance in developing an overall plan of care within the community, to direct support and advocacy for the patient in the event of an emergency or crisis.

Helping you to overcome challenges in your daily life – at home, at work, at school, and in your community.

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