Orthopaedic Injury

Orthopaedic injuries can present short and long term challenges to daily life.

Our occupational therapists are involved early in the recovery process from fractures, surgery, joint replacements and other injuries in order to assess your needs for mobility, assistive devices, home modifications or work accommodations. As you progress in your rehabilitation, we can provide guidance and support to gradually increase your daily activities and routines in a safe and appropriate manner.

Occupational therapy processes begin with the assurances of your mobility and your ability to take care of yourself, including basic tasks of dressing, bathing, feeding and toileting, when barriers are present due to injury.  We will recommend appropriate assistive devices to promote independence, and assistance when required to ensure that your needs are met.

Once self care abilities are established, continuation of occupational therapy involves problem solving to allow access and participation in other activities of normal living, including work, home management, and leisure.  The occupational therapist will assess physical limitations in activity performance, as well as barriers that may be present in the environment.  Modifications to tasks as well as to the environment are recommended to facilitate independence and participation in your normal life.