Our Team

Experts in occupational therapy.

Our occupational therapists have extensive experience providing community services to people of all ages and abilities. We choose methods in therapy that are client-centred, evidence-based and goal-oriented. Our team holds a variety of specializations, including brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation, hand and upper extremity therapy, mental health, chronic pain management, paediatrics care, geriatrics, wound care and trauma rehabilitation.

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your physical, cognitive and emotional function in your home, work, or community environment. We listen to your goals, and integrate our professional knowledge in order to structure therapy that will help you achieve success in your goals for everyday living.

Our case managers are equally experienced in guiding your care. Their experience in accessing and coordinating your medical and rehabilitation team members ensures that your needs, challenges, progress and goals are understood and worked on by all those involved.

Modern OT also has a speech language pathologist, Lisa Abbott Moore.  Lisa’s experience, energy, creativity and expertise are invaluable to individuals experiencing communication disorders, as well as speech challenges.