Certified Life Care Planners

Life Care Planning / Future Care Costs Analysis

A Life Care Plan identifies all costs associated with an individual’s injury, both present and future. It is an objective report that can serve to assist with future care planning for the client and their family, and settlement of benefit with insurers. Costs are included for medically related expenses, therapies, attendant care, assistive devices, medications, transportation that factor in the aging process. The Life Care Plan is based upon consultation with treating medical practitioners and therapists, and does not reflect the opinions of the Life Care Planner. The Life Care Plan report is individualized, with costs researched specific to the client’s community.

A Life Care Plan, also referred to as a Future Care Costs Analysis or Cost of Future Care Report, is recommended once the client has reached maximum medical recovery. The process involves a client interview, review of medical documentation, and completion of questionnaires and/or meetings with treating professionals. Additional assessments such as an Occupational Therapy or Vocational evaluation may also be coordinated as required in order to gather comprehensive information regarding the future needs of the client throughout their lifetime.

Life Care Planners are certified through the Commission on Health Care Certification. Certification is available only to qualified health professionals and requires completion of 120 hours of coursework and on-going professional education.

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