Cognitive Abilities Assessments

Comprehensive, functional cognitive assessments

Our cognitive assessment processes are tailored to address the comprehensive and complex issues that an individual can be facing in their cognitive function. A cognitive screening tool is used in the intake process in order to identify problem areas for mild cognitive dysfunction such as attention and concentration, memory, language, conceptual thinking, calculations and orientation. Following the initial screening, the occupational therapist uses standardized assessment tools as well observes the client’s cognitive, physical, behavioural and psychosocial abilities/limitations while performing functional tasks to determine further areas of cognitive deficits and to plan interventions to remediate or compensate for these deficits.

Situational Functional Assessments

A situational functional assessment takes place with the client in their home and/or community. The client participates in specifically selected situations wherein their ability to manage the challenges of the situation is assessed by the therapist. Physical, cognitive and emotional domains of function are assessed in various environments that the individual may encounter over the course of their daily life.

The occupational therapy assessment includes a review of medical documentation provided, and an extensive functional assessment with the individual, conducted over two days, which includes an in depth interview, objective evaluation as well as observations of the individual performing functional tasks in varying environments such as home, work and/or community. Communication with family members and/or members of a treatment team may also be required in gathering a complete picture of the client’s function when preparing the report.

Following the assessment, the occupational therapist prepares a report to summarize the findings. The report can also include recommendations for accommodations, support and further therapy that when needed to assist the client with challenges encountered in therapy.

The situational assessments may occur as part of a multi-disciplinary assessment, to determine whether the individual has sustained a catastrophic impairment as defined under the automobile legislation (SABS).