Brain Injury & Post-Concussion Rehabilitation

Addressing physical, cognitive, and emotional function towards meaningful task performance.

Physical, cognitive, and emotional changes can result from brain injury and impact one’s ability to manage day-to-day routines and life demands.  Our approach is to understand how your life is affected following the injury and to provide guidance and strategies to manage symptoms and increase activity in a way that is safe and sustainable during your recovery.

Occupational therapists can provide strategies to manage sleep problems, pain, worry/anxiety, memory and concentration difficulties, noise and light sensitivities, visual difficulties, and other problems that can arise following a concussion or brain injury.

We systematically address a hierarchy when guiding resuming activity at work, school, and play to achieve success in resuming life roles.

Our team of therapists has specialized training led by experienced occupational therapists in brain injury recovery and rehabilitation..  We promote evidence-based intervention, including recent Canadian clinical guidelines and occupational therapy models of practice.

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