Experienced in rehabilitation following motor vehicle accidents.

Our occupational therapists have worked extensively with individuals recovering from physical, neurological, cognitive, and emotional impairments following motor vehicle accidents. We work with clients from the time of their discharge from the hospital, to when they are achieving goals for resuming normal life activities, and beyond.

Services are provided in the home, community, workplace, and in our clinic.  Following an initial assessment, functional goals are set, and the occupational therapist works with the client through the stages of recovery. The occupational therapist is often part of a multidisciplinary team, communicating with physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, and other professionals involved to ensure a cohesive approach to rehabilitation.

Case management services are available and typically accessed by individuals who have sustained catastrophic injuries.  The role of the case manager in rehabilitation is to access and coordinate all necessary services for individuals in order to facilitate optimal recovery in their rehabilitation. The case manager works closely with individuals and their families in order to communicate the needs and progress of the individual among medical and rehabilitation professionals.

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