Modern OT for Seniors

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


More and more we are seeing the importance of ensuring the health, wellness, and safety of seniors in our communities.  Seeing loved ones adapt to changes in this stage of life can be difficult.

Occupational therapists are health care professionals trained to assess physical, emotional and cognitive function of individuals, and to address challenges that arise in daily life.   Being in the person’s home allows an OT to see first hand where changes can be made to improve safety and independence. Occupational therapy guides development of skills for maintaining and improving independence.  And where assistance or assistive devices are needed, we will provide options that suit each person’s lifestyle.

OT is about looking at what a person needs to do and likes to do, and addressing barriers to achieving those goals.   This might be cooking, exercising, driving, volunteering in the community, sending emails, or accessing a family video call.  We understand that each person’s priorities are different.

In our present COVID-19 environment, some families are unable to get together and might be wondering how the seniors in our lives are managing. Modern OT has expanded our case management services to develop the Community Care Coordinator role.  The Community Care Coordinator helps to ease uncertainties by providing a primary point of contact for seniors and their family members to manage treatment services, programs and care options.   In consultation with the senior and their family, this can include initial guidance in developing an overall plan of care within the community, to direct support and advocacy for the patient in the event of an emergency or crisis.

Call us to discuss your priorities, and we will talk about how we can help.