Teke Rerri

Teke Rerri, Reports Editor

Professional Summary

Reports Editor – Ottawa

Teke earned his Joint Honours Bachelor of Social Science degree in Political Science and Communication from the University of Ottawa. Since then, Teke has served the community as a non-governmental organization communication advisor, writing grant proposals, publishing articles on environmental advocacy, and developing an ecology-focused mobile app. Teke has also received a certificate in Digital Marketing from Google, and a certificate in Climate Change Solution from the University of Exeter.

Teke has considerable experience in public speaking, community outreach, qualitative research, technical writing, digital marketing, graphic design, and creative storytelling.

Teke has a strong passion for nature and the arts, often exploring the outdoors and volunteering with community groups on creative projects.

In his free time, Teke enjoys hiking, board games, thrift shopping, and playing music with friends.


B.Soc.Sc (Pol.Sc/Comm)


  • Honours Bachelor of Social Science, Political Science & Communication
    University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario (2020)