Certified Life Care Planners

Life Care Planning / Future Care Costs Analysis

A Life Care Plan, also referred to as a Future Care Costs Analysis or Cost of Future Care Report, identifies all costs associated with an individual’s injury, both present and future. It is an objective report that can serve to assist with future care planning for the client and their family, and the settlement of benefit with insurers.

The Life Care Plan is based upon consultation with treating medical practitioners and therapists, and does not reflect the opinions of the Life Care Planner. The Life Care Plan report is individualized, with costs researched specific to the client’s community.

A Life Care Plan is recommended once the client has reached maximum medical recovery. The process involves:

  • Client interview.
  • Review of medical documentation.
  • Consultations with treating professionals.

Additional assessments such as an Occupational Therapy or Vocational Evaluation may also be coordinated as required to gather comprehensive information regarding the future needs of the client throughout their lifetime.

ModernOT has two Canadian Certified Life Care Planners, certified through the International Commission on Health Care Certification. We engage in regular continuing education and stay abreast of recent court decisions and the latest research and rehabilitation approaches.  Individually, we each have 15 or more years of experience in rehabilitation for individuals with severe injuries.  Our processes for report completion and our templates remain consistent so you can be confident you will receive a quality report.  We utilize our knowledge of rehabilitation and recovery processes to guide the development of the Life Care Plan.

All ModernOT Life Care Plans are:

  • Objective and defendable.
  • Based on the input of treating physicians and therapists as much as possible.
  • Consistent with the Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners developed by the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.
  • Well-researched in terms of costs and rationale for future needs.
  • Include critical analysis of the available documentation and recommendations.
  • Easy to follow with a table of contents and separate, colour-coded cost tables.

Life Care Plans are dynamic. They are intended to reflect the person’s needs based upon their function and prognosis at the point in time.  As such, the timing of your referral should be considered.  Ideally the client will be at or close to maximum medical and maximum functional recovery.  If you are uncertain as to whether the file is ready for a Life Care Plan, please contact us to discuss.


We will provide a cost estimate at the time of referral.  Typically, we provide a range of hours and advise of the upper limit anticipated to allow you to plan accordingly.  We only bill the time required to prepare the report and do not offer “flat rate” pricing.

In addition to our costs, you can anticipate additional professional fees associated with the time required for the treating practitioners to consult.  This is necessary as we do not go beyond our scope of practice, however, all efforts are made to contain these costs by offering telephone consultation and limiting the number of questions posed.

There may be additional assessments required to prepare the Life Care Plan.  This will be discussed at the time of referral.  We are pleased to facilitate these assessments with the most appropriate and skilled providers.


  • Review of file to determine readiness for Life Care Plan.
  • Assistance with questions for Independent Medical Evaluation reports.
  • Recommendations for further assessments and/or treatment.
  • Critiques of existing Life Care Plans.

Again, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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