Occupational Therapy for Children and Youth

The needs of children at all stages need to be met and treated with understanding to further their development, independence, and life successes. Our team of occupational therapists have experience working with pre-school, school-aged children and youth experiencing developmental delays, sensory impairments, depression, anxiety, OCD ADHD, and Autism, using evidence-based, family-centered approaches to care. 

Services offered include:

    • Assistive devices for self-care, school and leisure activities 
    • Attention deficit disorders  
    • Autism 
    • Concussion and Brain Injury  
    • Developmental delays 
    • Executive function  
    • Emotional regulation 
    • Feeding  
    • Fine Motor skills  
    • Handwriting / keyboarding  
    • Home Accessibility 
    • Gross Motor skills  
    • Mental Health – Youth, Adolescent 
    • Play development 
    • School accommodations 
    • School Readiness skills (letter and number recognition, scissor skills, colouring) 
    • Self-care skills (eating, sleeping, washing, dressing) 
    • Sensory Processing 
    • Social skills  
    • Visual Perception and Visual Motor Integration

Occupational therapy begins with an assessment, which has two components – the intake call and the in-person assessment:  

  1. Intake Session – The OT schedules an intake with the parent, guardian, or referral source to review the intake form and understand in more detail the observations, concerns and reasons for referral to occupational therapy.  Intake sessions can take place over the phone or video conference, and typically last 20 minutes.   With the information gathered, the OT can prepare appropriate tools and activities to optimize your child’s in-person assessment.    
  1. Assessment – The OT will use selected assessments and activities to identify the needs of the child and to formulate the treatment plan.  Findings and treatment are discussed with the parent/guardian in a feedback session after the appointment.    Assessments last up to 60 minutes and are followed by a parent/guardian feedback call.    

Occupational therapy treatment involves a combination of direct therapy and parent education for continuity of new skill practice between sessions.  Treatment sessions last 45-60 minutes, depending on the child’s tolerance.   

Occupational therapy assessments and treatment typically takes place in our clinic locations.    OT services can also be provided in your child’s home, school, or a community setting if required and agreed upon with the occupational therapist.  Additional charges apply for out-of-clinic appointments.   

After we receive the referral, we ask that you fill in a questionnaire, the Paediatric Intake Form, which provides the OT with some some preliminary information about the child – milestones, observations, concerns.  The OT will review the form and use this information to prepare appropriate activities to optimize your child’s assessment process.

We will send the Paediatric Intake Form to you as a fillable PDF.   Please return it to our office prior to the assessment, via email or fax 613-792-3462.

OT Rates:  

Initial Assessment* – $337.50. This assessment process includes the parent/guardian intake session, the in-clinic assessment with the child, and follow up meeting with parent/guardian to review treatment recommendations.  

Treatment Sessions* – $168.75 per session.  

*Additional charges apply if travel is required to for assessment or treatment in the home, school, or other community setting.    

Consultations in the form of phone calls, meetings, emails, letters, reports with schools, daycares, or other health care providers are also available.  Please speak with your occupational therapist.  Additional fees would apply. 

Make a referral  

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