Military and Veterans

Our occupational therapists have become increasingly involved in the care of injured members returning to duty, and those who are transitioning to civilian life. Through work with veterans, we have gained a deeper understanding of the impact that physical and emotional trauma, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), has on an individual and their families and social networks.

Our involvement takes place in the home, community and workplace. We provide a comprehensive assessment of the needs of each member or veteran referred for our care. The occupational therapist addresses the needs for independence and participation in self care, productivity, and leisure activity. We understand that there are physical, cognitive and emotional challenges to coping in society, and we ensure that the treatment recommendations in therapy address all of the individual’s needs.

We also work collaboratively with other medical personnel involved, to ensure that there is open communication of the client’s needs, status, and progress in therapy.

In 2012, the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy issued a Submission to the Senate Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs Occupational Therapy: Supporting successful transitions to civilian life , which states –

Occupational therapy is an essential health service that enables Canadians to maximize their productivity, reduce lifestyle restrictions and avoid unnecessary dependency. CAOT believes it is important to stress that timely action is required to ensure that veterans are receiving the right supports and services both as active members of the Canadian Forces, as well as after their release. Taking action by employing the right mix of health service professionals and providing access to services for physical and mental illness, injury and disability is necessary to address the immediate concerns of veterans. The result will be improved overall health and well-being which can be measured through increased success in transitions to civilian and family life, improved productivity and labour market engagement. (CAOT, 2012)

We are registered Blue Cross providers, and able to accept referrals from both the Canadian Forces medical units and Veteran’s Affairs Canada.

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