Ergonomic Assessments

We have occupational therapists trained to provide ergonomic assessments in all workplaces, home offices, service industries, and industrial settings.

Individual Workstation Ergonomic Evaluations include a 60-90-minute assessment at the workstation of the employee. During the assessment, the occupational therapist will gather information regarding the employee’s specific needs and concerns, work tasks, and work environment, as well as provide education with respect to healthy work practices, stretches, and exercises and for injury prevention. Adjustments that can be made to existing equipment (i.e., adjusting office equipment) are completed during the assessment. This is followed by a comprehensive, reader-friendly report with recommendations listed for modifications or equipment at the workstation, as needed, to improve function, comfort and productivity at work.

Costs: $650.00 assessment with report; $520 for assessments where a report is not requested.

We also offer Ergonomic Education and Assessments to large office groups, allowing one or more of our occupational therapists to circulate through your offices, seeing more than one employee on the same day.  Please contact our offices for costing of group ergonomic assessments, and click here to submit an online referral today.